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Artificial Christmas Trees Versus Real Christmas Trees Which are the Best?

The debate as to which type of Christmas tree is the best has gone on for years with both sides declaring that each type of tree is the most economic or environmentally friendly. Here we take a look at the issue for ourselves discussing the pros and cons of artificial and real trees plus presenting the facts in order for customers to make an informed decision for themselves.

Artificial Christmas

5 Foot Devonshire Pre Lit Fir

Artificial Christmas Trees have been around for decades and the trees we see in our stores today have come on in leaps and bounds in terms of looking like the real thing. There are many amazing suppliers of artificial trees to choose from and the tree can be packaged and delivered to your door with little or no mess. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing to buy an artificial Christmas tree?


  1. Artificial trees are easy to assemble and can be stored away to use year after year
  2. These trees don't need watering or tending once they are up
  3. They don't drop their needles
  4. Great assortment of trees to choose from when it comes to size and style
  5. Artificial trees don't rot like real trees
  6. Once bought there is no further outlay for years
  7. Many artificial trees are fire resistant
  8. Buying artificial trees means that no trees are cut down


  1. Easy to decorate as there are no prickly needles sticking into your skin
  2. Depending on your choice and how much you pay they can look obviously artificial
  3. Many artificial trees are produced overseas so do not help the economy
  4. Buyers need storage space in their home to keep the tree after Christmas
  5. There is no natural fragrance from an artificial tree
  6. Manufactured with poly vinyl chloride which is non bio degradable and petroleum based
  7. Artificial trees are not recyclable

Real Christmas Trees

Many of us simply prefer to have a real Christmas tree in our homes, while there are many suppliers that will deliver real Christmas trees to your door. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying a real Christmas tree.

Nordman Fir British Christmas Tree Company


  1. A real tree is traditional
  2. The scent of pine is wonderful at Christmas time
  3. Christmas tree farms provide jobs and help sustain rural economy
  4. When a tree is cut down more are planted
  5. Real trees are recycled making them environmentally more acceptable


  1. High maintenance need watering
  2. Needles drop
  3. Fire risk if not cared for properly
  4. Have a limited life span
  5. Cost more as need to be bought every year
  6. Transportation can be difficult
  7. Pesticides may be used during the growth period

Artificial Tree Suppliers in the UK

Christmas Tree World

Christmas Tree World

Christmas Tree World is one of the UK's foremost suppliers of artificial Christmas Trees. The choice they offer is staggering and includes all shapes, sizes and types of tree including fibre optic trees and pop up pre-lit trees. Please visit the Christmas Tree World website for further details.

Christmas Tree World

Golden Days Garden Centre

Back Lane Appley Bridge




Tele 01257 478 648

Christmas Trees and Lights

Christmas Trees and Lights

This is another excellent company that supplies a huge selection of artificial trees that can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Christmas Trees and Lights has trees that range in price from £17.99 through to £400.00 depending on the type and size of tree you choose, while lights and decorations are also available to order here.

Christmas Tree and Lights


Tele 0800 157 7265

Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial ChristmasTree

Artificial Christmas Tree offers a huge range of artificial Christmas trees for customers to consider. From four feet to fifteen feet in height all their trees are manufactured to a very high standard, while many of their trees also come in a range of colours too. Why not take a look at the Artificial Christmas Tree website to view their comprehensive range of competitively priced trees.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Tele +31 (0) 597 413546

Suppliers of Real Christmas Trees in the UK

The Christmas Forest

The Christmas Forest

Customers who choose to buy a Christmas tree here may do so online or collect their tree in person. This company has eight stores located around London making them an ideal choice for those who wish to buy a real tree in the London area. The Christmas Forest offer five different varieties of tree, while for every tree bought here a tree is planted in Africa.

The Christmas Forest

98 Sunningwell Road



Tele 01865 427067

Scottish Christmas Trees

Scottish Christmas Trees

Scottish Christmas Trees supply real trees online or direct from their farm whichever suits customers best. This company knows a thing or two about real Christmas trees as they have been supplying them for ten years. Customers who prefer a pot grown tree may also order one online, while all the different varieties and prices of the trees can be found at the Scottish Christmas Trees website.

Scottish Christmas Trees

Glaisters Farms





Tele 0844 871 0908

Keele Christmas Tree Farm

Keele Farm

Keele Christmas Tree Farm is located in Newcastle under Lyme and is a member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association BCTGA. The range of trees available to buy here includes Nordman fir, Fraser Fir and The Norway Spruce which is one of the most popular of Christmas trees.

Keele also supply tree stands, wreaths, tubs and Christmas tree decorations meaning once customers have chosen their tree they can also purchase baubles to decorate the tree. Keele are one of the largest suppliers in the UK of container grown trees and can supply trees up to six feet tall.

Keele Christmas Tree Farm

Newcastle under Lyme



Tele 07816 074575

Which One Shall We Choose?

The fact of the matter is that both types of tree have their advantages and disadvantages. For us the real tree wins in terms of the environment, while even though they are messier the traditional look and the unique scent of a real tree cannot be surpassed. Economically speaking of course customers will in the long run save money by purchasing an artificial tree as they will last for years therefore there is no annual expenditure as there is when choosing a real tree.

Something that does also impact environmentally is how far you travel in your car in order to buy a tree plus how you dispose of your tree when Christmas is over. If you buy an artificial tree and only use it for one year then naturally your carbon foot print will be greater as artificial trees end up in land fill. If you keep your fake tree for many years however the result is the opposite. The minimum amount of time we need to keep an artificial tree for it to be environmentally friendly is seven years. Keep it for four years and you will be more environmentally friendly by choosing a real tree.

In conclusion we must all weigh up the facts and decide for ourselves which road we wish to take when it comes to choosing a Christmas Tree this year.