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    Adidas Supernova Riot Trail
    Rugged and stable, this off-road runner is constructed with boost™ energy in the midsole, which keeps every step charged. A Continental™ Rubber outsole provides superior grip on the trails while a mid-cut upper keeps debris out, and provides additional support on rugged terrain.
    Upper - Tight-weave mesh construction.
    The upper of the Supernova Riot delivers supportive comfort and durability. An EVA cradle overlay offers key protection to the wearer by providing support and protecting the foot against impacts. This abrasion resistant compound is strategically placed to protect the overall structure and high stress areas against impacts and scratches from rocks and roots, diminishing their effects and reducing wear and tear upon the shoe.
    At the midfoot, strapping secures the foot in place for medial and lateral support while a Hook-and-Loop Velcro strap is placed over the laces to help keep out scree and debris while also locking the ankle in place. This creates a sock like fit and feel that delivers both comfort and the performance needed from a trail specific shoe.
    Throughout the upper design the interwoven tight-weave mesh allows the foot the breathe comfortably: fresh air is channelled throughout the internal environment of the shoe whilst allowing moisture to evaporate. It also helps protect the foot and create a barrier against dirt. Coupled with the supremely soft foam located in the tongue, the Supernova Riot Trail Boost makes for one surprisingly comfortable design.
    Midsole - Boost™ energy-returning properties.
    A lightweight Boost™ engineered midsole is incorporated into the Supernova Riot's construction. The boost™ foam compound provides endless energy return from heel strike through to the toe off phase of the gait cycle. It features hundreds of visible energy capsules that store and unleash endless energy every time your foot hits the ground, meaning that every step is charged. When your heel hits the floor, the boost™ particles compress and store kinetic energy; as you transition through to mid-stance, the boost™ particles relax and release their stored energy, which propels you forwards with an explosive take off. The boost™ midsole will change your runs forever, thanks to its energy returning properties. In addition, when the boost™ capsules compress to store energy, the cushion the foot from impacts. The boost™ particles only compress so far, which means that they also provide light support whilst on the road.
    The Supernova Riot's midsole also features a full-length EVA foam layer. This layer is slightly firmer than the boost™ layer, and as such it helps to provide protection against sharp rocks and other debris, whilst maximising the effect of the boost™ technology.
    Outsole - Extraordinary gripping Continental™ Rubber.
    For grip and and traction the Supernova Riot Trail Boost features a deep set lug pattern, that at a glance may seem imposing, bulky and heavy; however this all translates into a supreme ride with great traction that performs with the best trail running shoes on the market. The outsole is protected by Continental™ gatorskin technology, which is puncture-proof and will prevent thorns and other sharp debris from puncturing the outsole and damaging the midsole.
    The outsole is constructed using Continental™ rubber, which delivers 21% more traction in dry conditions and 23% more traction in wet conditions, and is much more durable than standard outsole rubbers - it is the same rubber that features on car tyres! What does this mean for your run? You will feel more stable, regardless of the conditions, and consequently you will be more confident and able to perform to the best of your ability. The extremely durable nature of the Continental™ rubber means that your new running shoes will last you longer.
    Tight-weave mesh upper - Protects the foot and helps create a barrier against dirt.
    Mesh structure - For breathability and a lightweight feel.
    Hook-and-loop strap over laces - Helps keep out scree and debris.
    EVA cradle - Provides support and durability on every surface.
    boost™'s energy-returning properties - Keep every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy.
    Stable Frame - Provides optimal underfoot cushioning and support.
    Continental™ Rubber outsole - For extraordinary grip in wet and dry conditions.
    Continental™ Gator Skin Outsole Protection - Prevents sharp objects penetrating the outsole rubber, thereby protecting the midsole.
    Height - 29.9 mm / 21.9 mm (8 mm differential).
    Weight - 322 g (size UK 8.5).

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